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  HOT ROD MAGAZINE between 1960 and 1973

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 HOT ROD Apr. 1960 Our Fabulous Stockers Speedweeks NASCAR Daytona Beach by Ray Brock.  Valients vanquish all compacts on Daytona's tri-oval arena by John Christy.  Chrysler 300-F Test and report by Ray Brock. Nathan Ostich's Jet Car by Griff Borgeson. Corvair Empi Camber Compensator by Bob Pendergast. Kart Test of  Bug Engineering Wasp single and twin by John Christy. Charles Mayenschein's '30 Ford Touring Fairborn OH. John Sofilo's Chrysler-Mandella South San Francisco CA. Audets Car Club dragster Aurora IL. Ed Mincher's '51 four door Chevy custom Hillsborough CA.  John Hambly's '35 Chevy suicide doors coupe with Cad engine Aurora IL.  Tony Nancy's "22 Jr." Roadster details Sherman Oaks CA.  Don Presson's Gasser Drag Boat Fresno CA. Jack Schnepf's '27 T Bucket T-bird powered Drag roadster Queen Creek AZ. AMT Hot Rod Kit in detail.  Logghe Stamping Co. fiberglas street roadster Detroit MI.  Fred Allen's Chrysler engined 1550 lb '38 Bantam dragster Philadelphia PA.  Instruments...fancy or function? get the facts by Don Francisco.  Harley Davidson's CH Sportster review by Bob Greene. Retainer Rings prevent wheel lose in axle details by Eric Rickman. The Karts of national champion Jim Yamane.  HRM salutes Rebels Car Club of Lincoln, NE. 122 pgs, tiny Mooneyes ad cutout pg 23 & pg 116,  vg+, $10

HOT ROD June 1960
Comet Vs. Rambler Test and review by Ray Brock.  Volkswagen stroker kit details and installation by Ray Brock.  1960 Indy 500 Preview with 14 pics showing car engine and chassis construction. 40 Years of Ford four-bangers showing details of dragsters by Bob Behme. Moss Kart w Twin West Bends Test by John Christy.  North Florida's new Jacksonville drag strip. Imperial Valley 200 car drags at Holtville CA. Broward Auto Club's Drifters sponsors double header championship drags at Davie, FL. Bob Yoas longer nose Corvette custom takes most popular at '60 Oakland Roadster Show. 7 pics and text of Hi-Winders' Chrysler powered Fiat Topolino A/A of Joe Mazza and Jack Doyle of Lynn MA. Bill Waddill's Chrysler-powered Henry J w Hilborn injectors for each bank Flint MI.  Jack White's 2 cylinder dragster Medord OR. Johnston and Flores 9 second slingshot Dragster L.A. CA.  Jules Marcogliese's '27 T Roadster flathead no fenders Alhambra CA. Ralph Ehorn clean '54 Ford Pickup custom Red Bluff, CA. Don Breithaupt's Chev-Ford gasser Grand Prairie TX. Gary Davis's primo'34 Ford roadster Portland OR.  Bill and Howard Stubbins' 1934 GMC-blown Pontiac rear-engine coupe Los Angeles CA. Alton Johnson's Corvette engined Victress Compton CA. Gil Shivar's potent little Chevy Strip T Cincinnati, OH. Horsepower, how to figure, to use, to get it by Ralph Ernest Jennings with charts.  HRM salutes GearJamers car club of Canton, Illinois. Pontiac's Tempest 425-A.  130 pgs, nm- $12

HOT ROD July 1960
Paxton-blown Corvair, Falcon, or Valiant can hold their own with many larger super stocks at the drags Ray Brock.  Ingels-Borelli "Caretta" Kart Test by John Christy. Details of Installing a V8 into a Falcon by Ray Brock.  Draggin' Around; OKC, OK. Phoenix AZ. Chrysler's Tuned Induction or Ram Tuning works and wy by Roger Huntington. Tube Fittings by Don Francisco. Don Brusseau's Corvette-Powered T Roadster Pickup San Lorenzo CA. Ron Heddinger's rolling stereo studio '40 Ford five window Eugene OR.  Ron And Gary Wilkins' 500-hp Blown Chevy Dragster Sun Valley CA. Harold Hamby's '34 pickup Fort Branch IN.  H.L. Harrell's '29 Ford Roadster 144 mph Record rod Los Angeles CA. Chuck Krikorian of Fresno CA's Oakland Roadster Show Winning Cad-Powered '29 Ford roadster full details. Color insert ad for Percival Kart.  Dick Stewert and Jim Keeter's Chrysler-Powered Dragster Long Beach CA. Howard Eckert European style sports car of US components, Pittsford NY. L.W. Farrington's Custom 1956 T-Bird Drag and Bonneville Racer Metairie Louisiana. Jerry Sutton's Victress bodied fiberglass closed coupe all California inside Pasadena CA.  Dave Rettig's minor body worked 1933 Four-Door Sedan w '41 Merc mill Modesto CA. Lots of detail on Fred Hone's Overdrive for automatics by Eric Rickman.  Motorcycles at Bonneville by Griff Borgeson. HRM salutes Pharaohs car club of Oxnard, California. National Drag Records System Established. 130 pgs, vg+. $10

HOT ROD Aug 1960
Indy 500 by Ray Brock "500 Mile Trophy Dash".  Details on Wally Parks' Chevy Powered Comet. Stroker Kit for the Corvair by Ray Brock with full details.  Mickey Thompson sets 12 new world acceleration records standing start kilometer and mile March AFB Riverside CA. Increasing bore and stroke of big irons for power Ray Brock w 16 example engines in photos. Successful Karting Grand Prix de Tecate by Leroi Tex Smith sees many from US auto literature and Karting factory teams. First NHRA Records Regional Inyokern CA. Winfield '56 Corvette Custom Oakland CA. Mamie Van Doren in Norm Grabowski's '25 T Sun Valley CA. Richard Gregg's Cinderalla '50 Ford Tudor into a Pickup Sacramento CA. Dick Guyett's "Isky Clown" Dragster Encino CA. Baker Arndorfer and Radich '31 Ford dragster roadster Portland OR. Osmond and Kilby  streamlined '48 Fiat Topolino body Cad powered dragster Kensinton MD. Ron Coleman's custom Ford coupes, a '32 and a '51 Covina CA. Trotter's Hot Rod Club tube framed '55 Chrysler dragster Columbus OH. Johnny Wright custom  aluminum bodied sports car San Diego CA.  Gary Manary's '35 Ford coupe into a three window '36 Vancouver WA. Dowsett Racing Team Honolulu Hawaii.  Tony La Masa's Model T Roadster sports car Los Angeles CA. Custom NSU of George Bow L.A. CA. NHRA Bonus Points Regionals: Amarillo TX 3 pgs of pics. Echo Spyder Kart Test by John Christy. Master Float Valve to overcome sticking needle valve reduces fire hazard details with photos  by Eric Rickman. HRM Salutes Magnolia NJ Motor Masters. 130 pgs, vg+, $10
HOT ROD October 1960 
Shadoff Special Record Breaking Streamliner. Nathan Ostich's Jet-Powered Bonneville Car "The Flying Caduceus" by Ray Brock. Art Conte's Corvette powere
d Valiant by Ray Brock. Divisional Drags: Kent WA, Atco NJ, Pelion SC/Augusta GA. BSA Starfire by Bob Greene. HRM salutes "Headers of Seattle WA". High RPM blowers by Bob Behme shows how to have GMC run free. Early '50's twin tank Bonneville car of Howard Johansen Los Angeles. Ted Fleetwood stock looking '35 Ford pickup. Jack Poetker's '39 "wide track" Pontiac sedan. Brake Mean Effective Pressure explained, illustrated by Ralph Jennings. Hovey Hawk Kart Test by John Christy.  122 pgs, (articles listed not effected by pics cutout on pgs 55/56, 61-68, 71/72, partial articles availabe on all the cutout pages.) cover loose, vg- $2

1960 Pontiac Tempest Road Test and report by Ray Brock. Also with 12 pg centerfold ad by Pontiac. Advance results of National Championship Drags at Detroit.
1960 Bonneville National Speed Trials. Aerodynamics, wind tunnels, drag figures, etc. Roger Huntington. Highway Bingo for rod road rallies by Le Roi Smith.  Lil' 500 Kart Test by John Christy. Versatile Hydro-Stick Draggin' Automatic  by Don Francisco.  NHRA Regionals from Charlestown RI. Cederquist Brothers' Class B Roadster at San Fernando Strip. John Petty's Corvette Powered 1931 Ford Coupe Lakewood CA. Carl Hawk's Flathead Ford Sportscar/Roadster Albuquerque NM. Joe Tucci's Stroker and Blower 173 MPH Dragster Quantico VA.  Larry Anderson's restored '29 Ford Roadster Oxnard CA. Harrel Amyx's Chrysler-Powered Dragster Boise ID. Rakers' Club's Competition Drag Coupe Long Beach CA.  5 pgs of Impala  Customizing Ideas. Soldering Aluminum details. Quick Change for Sedans refitting rear drive components by Eric Rickman.  HRM salutes Shifters Car Club of Willits, CA. World Land Speed attempts by Art Arfons, Don Campbell, Doc Ostich and Mickey Thompson by Don Francisco. nm-, $15 2 copies (one has tiny cutout of ad on pge 145)

HOT ROD Dec. 1960
NHRA National Drag Racing Championships Detroit by Tex Smith 14 pgs of photos and text.  Ford's Hot Stocker 390 Road Test by Ray Brock.  Trouble  Shooting Ignition Systems by Ralph Jennings.  The Hurst-Campbell dual pattern floor shifter. Plymouth Trouble Shooting Contests nationwide by Le Roi Smith.  Ray Farhner's Custom Roadster Pickup Kansas City MO. Edra Reams' 1940 Ford Coupe Denver CO.  Chuck and Wimpy Robinson's lowere '32 roadster Vancouver B.C. McClaskey speed car looking dragster Rockey River OH.  Bob Egizi's '29 Model A Drag Coupe Woodland CA.  Bill Clark's 1927 T Roadster Pickup Chula Vista CA Jerl Shipley's C-Altered Coupe Riverside CA.  Parker Scherrer's Channeled '32 Roadster.  Pat Akin's Blown-Chrysler Dragster Arcadia CA. Britt Brown's '55 T-bird, Wichita KS.  Tom DeLon's Rear-Engine Dragster Portland OR. Ireland's Trials Specials Road Racers by Brian Foley 6 pgs test and photos.  Rockford Kart Nationals at Windsor Raceway, IL.  Dart Kart Hot Rod Test by John Christy. Printed circuits and transistors bring compact Tachs.  HRM salutes Cabriolets of Hialeah, FL. 122 pgs, subscription card still in binding.  vg+, $14   SOLD DEC. '09

HOT ROD January 1961, Road Test and details of '61 Doge Lancer's 225 Aluminum 6. Dragster Parachutes by Norman J. Clerk. 
Practical Formulas Every Hot Rodder should know by Don Francisco. Buddy Garner Hobbs NM is 1960 World Drag Race Champ.  Russetta Timing Association and  history of El Mirage dry lake. Panel Painting Technique.-how to. Combustion Chamber Theory and Design for High Performance by Ralph Jennings. Vulcans car club '32  Ford Victoria sedan dragster Wilmington CA. Bob Bateman's channeled and fenderless roadster Salem VA. Ray Goodman's 150 mph blown Chrysler terror of the A modified roadsters Memphis TN. James Inden's '53 Ford convertible w Corvette Larkspur CA. Baber and Engle Model B four dragster Burbank CA.  Keith Heiskell's '27 T body with '58 Chevy engine and an unusual underneath. Albuqerque NM. Handsome and practical Pickup for Pulling of Chic Cannon and Harold Kirby Campbell CA. Blown Class B dragster of Hayden Proffitt and Pete Petre Orange CA.  Bob Lessman's T  12 second street pickup Sacramento CA.  Dave Marr and Harold Carruthers build driver up front dragster Sacramento CA. David Bennion's '55 Pontiac Convertible San Francisco CA. 1960 National Custom Car Show at Detroit Armory 3 pgs photos.
Bolt-On Dual Intake Manifold for Plymouth Valiant and Lancer Slant Sixes by Ray Brock. HRM salutes Road Knights of Davenport WA.  Caper Cart Kart test by John Christy. Northwest Regional Drag Championships McMinnville OR.   106 pgs, covers detached and fragile, vg $6

HOT ROD Mar. 1961 Details of Pontiac Engine internals options by Ray Brock.  NHRA Record Runs Petersburg, VA. Details of Bus Schaller's double lobe camshaft by Don Franciso. Transistors in ignitions can switch currents that would destroy conventional systems by Ray Brock.   Brian Chuchaua's 283 Chevy-Powered Bonneville Corvette by Don Franciso.  Hot Rod Dune Buggys at Pismo Beach by Ron Taylor. Harold Carter's 1934 B/A Ford named Safest Constructed Car details in 6 photos by Eric Rickman Cleveland OH.  Hamer Phillips '30 Ford Pickup Portland OR.   Bellflower CA Faniciers Car Club Dragster detailed. Burk and Pete Burkholder's Drag Coupe Chrysler Conversion for Bonneville Sacramento CA.
Walt Pasternak's '28 Ford pickup Dearborn MI.  Marty Holmann's Wild 1915 T Bucket Studio City CA.  Ed Fitzwilliam's Dual-Engine Dragster St.Louis MO.  Larry Isham  Cad powered '32 Ford roadster San Diego CA. Rudy Ramos's 128 MPH Record Drag Boat Gardena CA.  Nassau Grand Prix of Karting by Tom Bates 5 pgs of photos.   Ford 375 HP V8 Engine Goes 350 Laps at Daytona at 153 mph by Ray Brock.
The Ala-Kart Hot Rod Kart Test by Eric Rickman.  HRM salutes "Igniters of Greeley CO". 106 pgs, vg $10

HOT ROD Apr. 1961
Chevy's 409 Gets Tested and reviews by Ray Brock.  Pontiac Blown Tempest Four-Banger details by Don Francisco. Edelbrock Ramming the 339 c.i. by Ray Brock.  Single piece  transistorized  tachometer  from Sun by Ray Brock. Actual test results of "exotic" fuels by Dean Hill.   C.J. Kearney's Model T Drag Car  wins  Best Appearing at National Championship New Orleans La.  "It's a Blinking 'Ot Rod" Dave Billman's supercharged Chevy MG West Salem OH.  '57 Bird in '28 Model A of Larry Ready Granada Hills CA.  John Hall '27 T coupe roadster Clarksville IN. Bill Bridges dragster chassis with T roadster body for Modified Roadster class Santa Paula CA. Dale Greer record holding B dragster Seattle WA. Dick Miner immaculate '40 Ford coupe a show winner also set up for the drags San Diego CA.  Al Bergler's "Aggravation" using chopped '31 American Bantam Detroit MI. Bob Roubal's mildly custom with '55 Chevy engine Bellflower CA. Cecil Curry and Ronnie Hopkins dragster Greenville SC. Wusz family built roadster pickup w 341 inch DeSoto Portland OR.  Police Advisory Council for Car Clubs of Southern California by LeRoi Smith.  The Enderle Injector for use with the GMC blower by Don Francisco. 
Xterminator Hot Rod Kart Test by Dale Naef.  HRM salutes
The Escorts of Anderson Indiana. subscription card still in binding re "new" Sports Car Graphic magazine.  106 pgs, vg  $10
HOT ROD May 1961
Los Angeles County Fairgrounds Pomona 1961 Winternationals Chrisman takes Top Eliminator by LeRoi Smith. Gyron Ford 2 wheeled "futuristic" concept car. World's Fastest 500 at Daytona by Ray Brock. Les Ritchey's 401 HP triple intake Ford Engine runs at Winternationals by Ray Brock. Dale Gould little T open wheel roadster Burbank CA.  Jim Lytle's 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe San Antonio TX his 26th car.  Bob Muravez and Don Gaide's B/Dragster Burbank CA.  Fred Larsen and Don Cummins Bonneville 212 mph Roadster La Mirada CA.  Dick Flynn's 1937 stock appearing Ford w '49 Ford mill Seattle WA. Holly Hedrich and Bob McClure removable bodied Roadster Altadena CA.
Joe McBride's street roadster from parts Stockton CA. Milton and Alan Lamb Show Stopper '32 Chevy Coupe Oceanport NJ.  Jack Parrott spent 9 yrs building his Channelled '29 Ford Roadster St. Louis MO. Ninety Nine Percent Team 149.90 mph in 9.92 seconds w "30 Bantam body Belmont MA. Norm Taylor's ultra stock appearing restored'30 Model A tudor Bell CA.  All About Alternators by Don Francisco.  Eliminator Hot Rod Kart Test by Eric Rickman. Eric Rickman reworks his Mercury Comet wagon's V8.  HRM salutes Vapor Trailers of Visalia, CA. Pat Weatherbee inspects a dragster engine. Hot Rod Magazine's Top Ten Club of drag racers. Red Bryan's BSA hillclimber.  centerfold pgs 61-64 loose and frayed on outer edge. vg- $6

HOT ROD June 1961, Modifying GM's Aluminum 215 c.i. V8's by Ray Brock 8 pgs numerous detailed photos. Jack Chrisman...Drag Racing Driver of the Year. Beefing the Comet Automatic 2 pgs by Eric Rickman. Heavy duty Shock absorbers and how the stockers set them up. Jack McAfee's Porsche engined X dragster. What's New for Indy?,  Winternationals Rod and Custom Show Pomona 14 pgs of photos. 10 pgs photos of the  National Roadster Show  Oakland CA. More accurate Valve Lash settings with P&G Valve Gapper tool. Offset Guides for Big Valves.  Triumph's Racing 500 bike. Norm Thatcher's speed record challenge w a Dart and 3 Chrysler V8's. Tests Hovey Hawk Kart. Classics of Great Falls Montana. 123 pgs contents vg+, cover seam taped, so combined rating vg, $8  SOLD May 2010

HOT ROD, September 1961.  39th Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Mickey Thompson's Vertical Twin Pontiac Tempest. NHRA Divisionals Riverside CA. Ford dealer option fully syncrho four speed details. NHRA Regional Drags Great Meadows NJ, Thompson OH. All Steel bell housing/scattershield. OHV V-8's in Jeeps pics of Studies, Plymouth, Buick, Cadillac examples. Ohno, Lew and Gonzales showpiece dragster Los Angeles CA.  Don Conley's '27 Model T Pickup Farmington NM. Gene Mori's Chevy V8 front engined VW dragster Clinton MD.  White Mist IV drag boat Sanger CA. Jim Holland Sacramento CA brute dodge powered 29 Ford radical pickup. Sante Fe Springs CA Dean Moon immaculate dragster  (centerfold page 64 partially loose). Jack Florence's Corvette powered '57 Chevy 4 door w parts of T-bird, Plymouth and Ford, Rising Sun OH.  Little B dragster of Vern Tratechaud Detroit MI. Frank Pennington Kansas City MO family affair '29 Ford roadster rod with '48 Merc mill. Summer and Burt A Competition Coupe, San Carlos CA. Dick Miller and Oley Olson's '31 Ford Roadster, Lemon Grove CA. Enoch Johnson 8 wheeled roadster, Red Wing MN. Hot Rod Scrapbook Tom and Bill Spalding - 1950 Wayne Chevy based rod. NHRA Regional Drags Fort Worth TX, Ellensburg WA. Timing the T's story of storming up Signal Hill CA in tests 12 pics and results. Rod Road Cruise of the  Los  Angeles and Bay Area Roadster clubs. Mickey Thompson Pontiac land speed attempts. The King Kart by D.T.M Engineering, Inc of Wisconsin. Igniters of Sioux Falls. S.D.  Preview Review of J.C. Agajanian's Third annual Regatta of Champions.  122 pgs, vg+ $12, SOLD March 2012

HOT ROD October 1961
Dodge's Hot Options by Ray Brock. NHRA Regionals East Haddam CT. Easy Bolt On 30 More HP for Corvairs. Chassis Tips for Draggin' by Ray Brock.  NHRA Regional Drags Omaha, Nebraska.  Makin' A Hydro Fit by Eric Rickman.  CRA Sprint Car Racing by Walt Mahoney and Dick Smith.  Jim McLennan and the Champion Speed Shop Dragster South San Francisco CA.  Hill Alcala's Bantam bodied T Drag Roadster Pomona CA.  NHRA Drags from Oklahoma City, OK.  Don Loyds' Buick-Powered 1930 Ford Pickup hauler.  Groves-Taylor A/Roadster ; Howard Mitchell's Wild Lincoln-Powered Model A Coupe LaGrange Park IL.  Bill Moe's Blown '32 Ford Roadster w six Strombergs on 272 Ford Lakewood CA.  Nicholas Lepesh's 1941 Ford Pickup Sunnyvale CA. Noel DeVito's Stock Model A gets a Chevy mill Chicago IL. Westernberger and Bill Flathead-Powered D/Dragster Long Beach CA.  Hill Alcala's family project Drag T flathead Roadster Costa Mesa CA. Phil Gerhart's six yr '31 Model A with '33 Model C Ford four banger San Diego CA. Jim Calkins and Jerry Brewer '32 shell dragster Portland OR. Hot Rod Scrapbook- Paul Schiefer-1949. Black Gold Part 1 on Lubricating Oils by Ralph Jennings. Rancho Supply Overdrive kits for Jeeps by Don Francisco. Armorplate protections from clutch/flywheel explosion.  Lil 500 Kart Test by Eric Rickman.  HRM salutes Road Panthers of Glen Cove NY. The Lightnin' Rods AMA club of the year. 122 pgs, copy 1 vg $8, copy 2,  1 inch cutout bottom of front cover, water stain bottom of first few pgs.  2 small cutouts in ad pg 100, one less than one inch cutout in ad pg 113 vg- $5

HOT ROD November 1961, 1961 National Championship Drags  Indianapolis Raceway Park 16 pg complete report by LeRoi Smith. Ray Brock's test and review of Ford's 221 inch V8, 7 pgs 13 pics. Larry and Walt Banker's 32 Fords Glendora CA. Patricia Schrader and Stan Bottom's cars San Jacinto CA. Solving Driveshaft Problems by Don Francisco. Walter Ross's bikes Oakland CA.  Roger Melenchuk's T rod Vancouver B.C.  Martin Garcia's '32 Three window Farmington NM.  Joe Roe's Graham-Ford Eagle Rock CA.  12 pg centersection AD for '62 Dodge. Reath Automotive's Fiat Topolino dragster Compton CA. Ben Delphia's '36 Ford Tudor L.A. CA. Bob Warwick's $300 dragster Boise ID.  Ken Blackwell's '29 roadster rod San Bernardino CA.  Ray Goodwin's Middle Eliminator "The Bamtam" Atlanta GA.  Hot Rod Scrapbook; Robert Stack in his Model A Ford based lakester in 1938. 1961 Bonneville Results. Ralph Jennings  Part II 5 pg illustrated article on oils versus engine wear. Bob Snyder's 352 inch '60 Ford Gasser of Mayfair Auto Parts Detroit. American Power Boat Association's National Inboard Championships San Diego. Trans Jammers of Palier California. 1961 GKCA-IKF National Championships Mansfield OH. ad card still in binding. 134 pgs, vg+,$12

HOT ROD December 1961 Buick Wee V6 198 inch by Roger Huntington 5 pgs w detailed pics. 13th Bonneville National Speed Trials 129 entries setting 23 new class speed records by Ray Brock 12 pgs, numerous pics. Lloyd Taylor and Ted Tyce frabricated DOHC four bangers, one HP per inch, full details. Use of VW front end assembly for dragsters. Pete Robinson Mr Eliminator 1961.  Thomas Arens 29 Model A Show Winner.  Space Age T of Harry Markiecki's updated '16 T. Norton Brothers and Harris Seattle Wash based Rapidville dragster. Bob Bernardon's '39 Chevie coupe Silver Hill MD. Tommy Ivo and his 4 Buick engined dragster 11 photo essay. Gerald Watson Hamilton Ontario '32 Ford Pickup. David Hayward's chopped deuce sedan San Diego CA.  Vancouver B.C. Dave Shorter deuce frame A body w blown Dodge. Twin Chevy Dye-Hampton competition coupe of Torrance CA.  Hot Rod Scrapbook Tom Beatty 1947 channeled '27 Model T.  National Championship Custom Car Show Indianapolis. Caddo Mills Texas NHRA Regionals. NHRA Divisional Alton Illinois.  Test Trials of home mades, Dellows, Buckler-Fords, etc  in Ireland. Dust Devils of Ridgecrest CA. 1961 North American Karting Association National Championships Dousman WI.  World International Kart Assoc. Championship Cape Giradeau MO.  122 pgs, vg+ $16

HOT ROD, January 1962,  '62 327 c.i. Corvette Road Test. Formula Junior by Pete Biro w pics of American built BMC, Lotus 20, homemade by Nade Bourgeault with Fiat rear engine, Luke Powell's DKW powered design, Ram Junior,  DKW powered Elva, Dolphin, Stanguellini, Lancia Degrata.  Fundamental Knowledge of torque recommendations and tightening fasteners by Tom Green Sturtevant Co. Various losses of horsepower output by Ralph Jennings. 'Exhaust Turbocharging" by Barney Navarro. Gene Adams and Tom McKewen Olds dragster, LA. Sut Aliff's '40 Ford w Caddy mill, Beckley W. VA. Frank Fikel's dragboat Bellflower CA. Bill Campbell Glendale CA  rear engined Corvette Special
sportscar ran at Riverside GP.  Buzz and Dean Lowe's pickup West Covina CA.  Doug Landers '40 Ford fordor Springfield MO. Quincy Automotive's twin Chevy engined dragster Santa Monica CA.  Howard Armstrong  Wonder Rod Rome NY.  Custom El Camino by Lou Schorsch Monterey Park CA.  Front wheel drive lakester of Jim Culbert San Diego CA. Hot Rod Scrapbook page, Barney Navarro - 1949 in his destroked 176 c.i. flathead Ford V8  w '37 Willys rails '27 T body GMC Blower or 2 carb setup he set records. World Championship Boat Drags, Marine Stadium Long Beach CA. NHRA Regional Drags Madras OR,  Cheyenne WY. Julesburg CO, York PA. Coasters of Cloverdale OR. Steve Swaja illustrations of streamlined rods.  122 pgs,  cvr at spine  bit weak, 1 tiny ad cutout Pg 121,  vg+ $12

HOT ROD Feb. 1962
Chrysler 300 Test and report by Ray Brock.  Fireproof Clothing for dragsters by Jack Hart. illustrated detailed Arc Welding Primer by Tex Smith. NHRA Drag Racing Half Moon Bay near San Francisco CA.  The Latest in Floor Shifts by Ray Brock. Top Ten Club 1961.  Bob Tindle's Orange Crate A/Altered Portland OR 5 pgs of pics. Marino Monjure's B/Dragster Metairie, La.   Richard Heidt and Frank Alviso's Fiat Topolino dragster Turlock CA.  Frank Smith's '32 Ford roadster Oxford AL.  Golden Thing Drag Boat of  Doc Maga  Covina CA and  Chuck  Gireth Pasadena CA.  Marlowe Treit's 125 MPH Slingcycle Beaverton OR. 5 times National Champion Billie Rasmussen's '38 Fiat bodied C/Alereds coupe Ft. Worth TX.  Mooneyham & Sharp Dragster Lakewood CA. Max Balchowsky's Ol' Yaller MK II, w '60 Buick Hollywood CA.  Hot Rod Scrapbook; Ed Winfield-1926. Dan Gurney's '61 Chevie Impala 2 dr as campaigne in UK road races.  1962 Drag Rules w illustrations.   Bud Hopkins' Corvair-powered VW Karmann-Ghia text and photos by John O'Donnell.  Dean Moon's Moonbeam Car text and photos by Don Francisco.  HRM  salutes Flywheels and Wheelettes Car Club Marion OH. Winternationals Preview. Pics and story of a '49 Plymouth being launched from USS Bon Homme Richard somewhere in Pacific. Drag Axle by LeRoi Smith. 122 pgs, ad card still in binding, tear in back cover, binding crease middle of front cover. vg  $10  SOLD JAN 2011

HOT ROD, March 1962, 360 HP For Chevy II article by Ray Brock with Bill Thomas co-operation on the engine kits available from Chevy dealers and details of Bill installing V8 into Bill Thomas' Chevy II Nova hardtop.  Griff Borgeson technicle article on the Watertown MA M&H Racemaster Drag Slicks saga. Hot Rod Magazine's Project XR 6 experimental roadster Part I by LeRoi Smith.  Dick Griffin's 9 steps to a 250 hp Corvair by Roger Huntington.  Using an arc welding machine by LeRoi Smith. Harrel Amyx's Chrysler-Powered AA/Dragster Boise ID. Ludwig Mavroff's '34 three-window coupe w hand formed front cycle fenders, lengthened hood, etc West Allis WI.  Road Knights' A/Dragster Project Evansville IN. Wayne Arteaga's '51  Blown Henry J B/A St. Louis MO.  Richard and Gary Seiden's Rebuild of Dick Kraft's 1925 T roadster L.A. CA. Don Rettig and Chief's car club '32 Tudor San Diego CA.  Champion Speed Shop's Twin-Engine Dragster South San Francisco CA.  Angelo Giampetroni's award-winning 1934 Ford Pickup Detroit MI. Art Piel's fenderless '29 Ford Roadster Roseville MI.  IXG Ghia Streamliner Torino Italy. Hot Rod Scrapbook: Duke Hallock-1937. Sydney Allard's Chrysler-powered Slingshot by John Blunsden. Continental Divide Raceways action. Analysis of Engine Relationships, rods, valve train, temperature, assembly, rpm's by J. Louis Estrada.  Experimental Drag Meet Inyokern CA. Peterson Publications 1549 mile Chevy Monza test at Riverside between two Bill Thomas prepped coupes, a stocker and a modified. HRM salutes  Stickshifters car club Tampa FL. 1/4 by 1 inch cutout in ad on pg 112.  122 pgs, vg+ $13

HOT ROD MAY 1962 410HP Short Ram for Dodge-Plymouth by Ray Block. Extensive Coverage of the 2nd  Annual NHRA Winternationals Pomona CA.  Oakland Roadster Show  5 pgs of pics. Olllie Olsen's Willys A/Gasser W. Palm Beach FL. Creed Bartel's Olds- powered '33 Ford Portland OR.  Squeege Jerger's 5-window Ford Coupe Mansfield OH. Ronny Cull restores his '37 Chevy Coupe w D-500-2 Dodge engine Lynood CA. Bob Stowell's Olds- powered '32 Ford five-window 13 E.T. street coupe San Francisco CA.  Ed Ducazau's '32 Ford  pickup Gardena  CA.  Bob Bushman's '32 Ford  with  40 yrs of FOMOCO parts components Dayton Point MI.  Jerry Haley's GMC-powered '33 Plymouth coupe Gasser  Capron IL.  Mason Peters' 1932 3-window Ford salt racer Los Gatos CA.  Hank and Lee Lankford's  drag and show winner '37 Ford Coupe Atlanta GA. Marvin Ruetz A/C competition '31 Austin bodied Coupe w Jim Nance and  Dave and Irene Bohl crew  Niles MI. Globe  Pacer's '39 Chevy coupe based Gasser LaMesa CA.  Hot Rod Scrapbook: Bob Hayes 1947 SCTA.  1962 NASCAR Daytona 500 6 pgs coverage.  Jim Nelson and Dode Martin's V8 Dodge Dart Dragmaster '62 super light chassis. 
123 pgs, Cutouts: 1/4 x 1/2 inch in ad on pg 22. 2 by 2" ad corner of page 93. 1x4" ad bottom corner pg 103, 1.5 x 1 ad Pg 105. 1' by 1/4" ad  Pg 113 and Pg 119. vg $10

HOT ROD JUNE 1962  Turbosupercharged Olds F-85 V8 by Ray Brock.  NHRA Drags from Miami FL.  Hot Rod Magazine's sChrysler 300 SS/SA
entry in 1962 Winternationals by Ray Brock. 
Aerodynamics Studies Analysis etc Part II by Jack Heltemes. big name USAC and NASCAR stock car pros run at Riverside Raceway CA.  Turbines and Detroit V8's to run at Indy by Ray Brock.   NHRA  Half Moon Bay 5 pgs.  Tom Spalding's Kart Monrovia CA. Jack  Friend's B/D slipster w  354 Chrysler Memphis TN.  "White Heat" a Wickens Hydro Hull Chrysler engined dragboat of Romeo Palamides Oakland CA.   George Gould's street legal T Bucket Waltham MA.  Dan Weis Chevy B/dragster Richmond VA.  Fibreglas  T bucket of Rolland  "Buz"  Pitzen  Redondo Beach CA.   Sideshifters' Ford-powered Henry J X/M Evanston IL.  Bob Morgan and Dennis Miliani B dragster Redwood City CA. Leopold Garcia's custom built little convertible "Bubbles" Barnelillo NM.   Larry Howard's "Glittercycle" 1952 Triumph Show Bike Bellflower CA. Dale Schott rod  pickup Washington PA.  Frank and Julio Faraudo build a 265 inch flathead deuce into a strip record breaker Santa Rosa CA. Hot Rod Scrapbook: Roy Richter - 1934 (of Bell Autoparts and Cragar Equipment).  Knot Farrington's T-Bird Airfoil text and photos by Don Francisco.  HRM salutes Chaparels Car Club Santa Ana CA. New Kart engines from West Bend.  123 pgs, nm, $14
HOT ROD July 1962 Erik Rickman's full house Skylark engined Comet 15 detail pics 7 pgs.  NHRA Record Drags El Paso TX. Southern California Model T Club Races on a horse track in Brea CA 13 pics.  NHRA Record Drags Madera, CA . 5 pg tech article by Roger Huntington on applying optional four speeds on US cars. San Francisco SCCA "Mother Lodes Hillclimb" near Sutter's Mill. Willys Motors 6 cylinder industrial engine with hemi combustion chambers, inclined OHV's and a a chain driven overhead camshaft.  Seattle's Leonard William's turbine powered '32 roadster. Otto Rhodes' '53 Pickup Pueblo CO. Chester Sapala's T bucket of Victoria B.C.  Stone Woods & Cook Willys Gasser L.A. CA.   Gary Heliker's '27 T Lawndale CA. Bob Berglund's 1932 Five-Window Coupe Pomona CA.  Ford Cougar 406 Concept Car. Tom Rieser Chev V8 Harley Columbus OH.  Gurnee Flesher T pickup Salem OR. Ted Gotelli's A/Fuel Dragster San Bruno CA. Jim Clinton's Willys Gasser Dayton OH.  Ralph & Bob Musick B/dragster Dayton OH  Schnellvagen Crosley wagon with Dodge V8 San BernardinoCA. Hot Rod Scrapbook - Chuck Daigh 1947 w Daigh Spcl. Lubricating nuts and bolts article w tech specs.  NHR Drags Covington, Georgia. Karting at Ascot Park.  Millmakers Car Club Fostoria, Ohio. (one 1 inch ad cutout pg 122) 123pgs nm- $13

HOT ROD, August 1962,  Indy Qualifying, 32 Offies and a Buick make it 7 pgs 21 pics w profiles of drivers.   Detailed article on a 413 c.i. 410 hp Dart HiPo V8 in Lancer compact running in Factory Experimental (FX) class.  NHRA Regional Drags Amarillo TX.  Charlotte World 600. NHRA Divisional Drags Memphis TN. Roger Huntington builds his roadster w Warren Tanzola East Lansing MI.  Upland CA Warren Swartzendruber T pickup w HRM's first full page color. Eddie Hills Wichita Falls TX 2 supercharged Pontiac V8's w four huge drag slicks. Winton Campbell's '32  Vickey Amarillo TX.  Ruckers, Sievers and Petre A/Altered sprinter Orange CA. Jim Reynolds, Al Leschot and Norm Haseltine C dragster Berkeley CA.  Tony Nancy's 169 mph A Tiger roadster cover photo Sherman Oaks CA. Rumbler's Racing Team Albany OR - Bob Duedall's stroker Chevy/Ford  '34 Ford 5 window. Jim McGinnis '55 Ford Pickup Atlanta GA. Sidebottom Ray McDowell Simca shell A/Fueler Baldwin Park CA. Mel Taomino Model A Pickup w '59 vette engine show winner San Jose CA. Hot Rod Showcase full color page Otto Rhodes Olds Powered Ford pickup.  Buick powered Harvey Aluminum Mickey Thompson Special 6 pgs 14 pics and a cutaway drawing by T Hatcher.  Choppers of Cleveland club. Hot Rod Scrapbook - Don Garlits 1955. Porcelain coating article by Eric Rickman, 1 inch cutout in ad pg 114.  119 pgs, vg+ $12

HOT ROD November 1962,
17 pg Coverage of the NHRA 8th Annual National Championship Drags Clermont IN by Ray Brock. Bings Speed Shop Flathead Willys Gasser Santa Rosa CA by John O'Connell.   Adding overdrive by Eric Rickman. BSA Royal Star Big Bore Bike Test by Bob Greene.
Bud Kennedy's drag and show V8 Sports Car  w one full  color page  Portland OR.  Curley Rucker's '29 Model A convertible top pickup Ft. Worth TX.  Gordon McLean's '34 Ford Five-window Coupe street and snow machine Chicago IL.  Don Vargo's '34 Ford convertible Melvindale MI. Dale Colclough's ski boat Modesto CA. Boudakian Brothers' Fiat Topolino bodied A/A dragster Visalia CA. Bond and Collin's A/D dragster Baltimore MD.  Page 68 Earl Ipsen's highly modified 1950 Lincoln Stanwood WA. (Pg 69/70 missing which was Color photo of
Black and Greer dragster w  Driver Don Prudhomme and Miss World contestants.) New Car s For 1963 by Ray Brock.  Results 1962 Bonneville Nationals by Don Francisco.
HRM salutes  Conquistadors Car Club Sheridan WY.  Ford's concept car Mustang by Bob Greene. Cover is full color of Black and Greer w Don Prudhomme and beauty Laura Evans. 119 pgs, subscription card still in binding. Page 69/70 missing.  nm- $11

HOT ROD February 1963,  Plymouth Div. of Chrysler 9 pg ad "Factual Report on Record-Breaking Plymouth Super  Stocks by Drivers and Experts" Tom Grove, John Abraitis, Ray Brock, Bill Neill, Lou Furlong and others.  Plymouth SS set 122 Strip Records in first 6 months. specs, output and pics of SS 426 engine. 
326-inch Tempest Hot Rod Test by Ray Brock.  How to build a Grand National Stock Car Racer by Cotton Owens as told to Jim Foster.  Fresh Pontiac street engine w Hydro-Stick automatic going into a '57 T-bird Part 11 Conclusion by Don Francisco. Heavier flywheel to combat high weight and low torque by Roger Huntington.  A look at '63 1/2 Ford Galaxie, Fairlane, Falcon, and T-Bird by Ray Brock. Corvair Intake Modifications for more horsepower by Eric Rickman. Culbert Automotive Engineering Super Modified Car w one pg full color of car. San Diego CA. Ed Benetin's '31 Ford based roadster w Vette engine, Oshawa Ontario Canada. Starkey-Jent destroked Record Holding B/Dragster Bay Village OH.
Roger Blood and Charles Cavil Special C/Altered "The Virginian" Alexandria VA. Merle Soule's '29 Model A show car, Dallas TX.  Bill DeBisschop's Deuce Drag Car San Antonio TX.  Ray Dresselhaus minimally changed from original '32 Tudor Ford includes full color pg of light blue sedan w Mary Lou Korholz in pink bathing suit holding a jet ski.  More Theory of automotive brakes, hints on trouble shooting detailed article Part II of a three part series by Ralph Jennings.  1963 Drag Racing Rules by Jack Hart. Dixie 400 NASCAR coverage by Max Muhleman.  Build Yourself an Axle by LeRoi Smith. Salton Sea 500-Mile Championship Boat Races. NHRA Drags from Miami FL.
HRM salutes Ram Rods Car Club of Silver Springs, MD.  Mickey Thompson takes 42 International and National Racing Class C records on 10 mile salt circle at Bonneville with destroked Chevy Indy car. 123 pgs,  subscription card still in binding.  vg+ $14

HOT ROD, November 1963  12 pgs coverage of Ninth Annual NHRA Nationals Coverage from Indy by five HRM staffers. Wheels part III Custom and Racing. Bob Patterson's 1,200 Horsepower Salton Sea Race Boat by Eric Rickman. 14th Southern 500 by Ray Brock. 
Lou Bingham's 166 mph  Lakes Rod La Jolla CA.  Walt Cunningham's 55 CI Harley Drag Bike Vancouver WA. Alexandar Brothers' Built Ford Crown Victoria Portland OR.
Billy Webb and Jim Richard's '23 Drag T Roadster "Twister" Memphis TN. color centerfold for '63 Bonneville Speed Trials showing  Herda  & Cagle and a red  Vette. Extensive Coverage of the 15th Bonneville Nationals by Bob Greene. Stroke It for More Inches by Eric Rickman. NHRA Regional Drags from Pocatello ID.  Displaying plates on rods by LeRoi Smith. HRM Salutes "Stags of Ogden UT".  Stock Swaps for More Stuff Part 1 of 2 by Roger Huntington.  Avanti/Allstate cross-country test runs. 119 pgs, subscription card still in binding. centerfold partially loose.  vg+  $12

HOT ROD, December 1963, GTO Lemans Road Test and review by Ray Brock.  Markley Brothers 280 mph P-38 Belly Tanker Portola Valley CA by LeRoi Smith.  Chrysler's New Small V8 For Compacts by Ray Brock.  National Custom Auto Fair Great Bend KS.  289 Cobra Ford - Performance Unlimited by LeRoi Smith w Rickman, Brock photos.  Ed Eaton's Mark 27 Roadster w full color pic Long Island NY. Joe Pironello's Corvette Powered '27 Ford Model T San Diego CA.  Vern Massie and Swede Erickson '31 Vicky w '51 Henry J frame '55 DeSoto for a B/C champ Spokane WA. Ken Frederick's '27 T body Latham Blown '60 Vette engine Saugus MA. Vic Miklich's Kenz & Leslie Ford T-Bird  Denver CO.
Al Coffern's '33 shortened show winner Pickup Denver CO.   Jim and Alison Lee's 160 mph quarter mile Dragster Warrenton VA.   Daryl Emery's Custom 1958 Ranchero w chopped top, custom interior and Lincoln engine Moorhead MN.  Don Moore's lead no plastic Custom red 1940 Willys w Edsel grille and GMC blown Chevy V8 full page color photo also of admirer Treva Phillips Midwest City, OK. Grand Finale Drags from Half Moon Bay, CA  Connecticutt Dragway 1320 and Alton, IL.  Buick V6 Jeep of Lou and Louise De Wolfe installation details by Eric Rickman. Charlotte National 400 by Ray Brock.  Class A/dragster Terror of Earl and Rich Heidt by Don Francisco. International Car Club Association of Canada w photos of Venturies Toronto,  Westrods of Ontario, Gassers of Ottawa Ontario, Injectors of Westminster B.C.  Karting's Grand Nationals Rockford IL.
 119 pgs, centerfold pg half loose, bundling crease in cover vg+ $12

HOT ROD January 1964, Studebaker Lark with R-3 Performance Road Test and reporty by Ray Brock.  World Drag Boat Championships Long Beach Marine Stadium by LeRoi Smith. In-depth Look at the B&M Torkmaster by LeRoi Smith photos by Pat Broiller.  Top Ten of drag racing fraternity named .  November 3, 1963 Golden State 400 NASCAR Race Riverside Raceway run without USAC stars by Ray Brock.  Dwayne Robertson has ''56 DeSoto Firedome installed in his '56 Ford pickup by Eric Rickman.  Don Garlits Swamp Rat V and Connie Kalitta Bounty Hunter II Dragster by LeRoi Smith w full pg color photos of both. Big Rail Review:  Waterman, Foley, Godsell Dragster of Alhambra CA, Bob Haines Masters & Richter San Leandro CA. Weekly-Rivero-Fox-Holding Dragster Pomona CA.  Joe Jacono's AA/D gas burner Chester PA.  Tommy Ivo's C&T Stroker Burbank CA. Vic Hubbard Special Hayward CA. "Firebird" by Hellis - Rawlings - Gray Muncie IN. Ken Crawford's  Kenz Muffler Dragster Oxnard CA. Ron Adley's 1936 Phaeton bright red quite stock appearing w Merc flathead full pg color photo with Marsha and Diane Ambard El Monte CA. SCTA Season Ending El Mirage CA by LeRoi Smith. 15 cubic inch 5 speed Yamaha motorcycle by Bob Greene.  1963 Bonneville Wrap-Up speed record attempts by Studebaker Stockers, Summers Brothers Streamliner, Dr. N. Ostich Jet by Don Francisco. IKF Kart Enduro National Championships Green Valley Raceway Smithfield TX text and photos by Tom Medley.  American ambassadors of the 1/4 mile Dean Moon, Dante Duce, Mickey Thompson tour England with Sydney Allard. 119 pgs subscription card in binding, nm- $14

HOT ROD March 1964, Ford's 1964 Indy big 500 V8 by Ray Brock w detailed pics. Blower Drives basic facts and common quesions by LeRoi Smith.  Herda-Cagle Streamliner  Anatomy of a Chamion by LeRoi Smith. 100,000-Mile Durability Run (Comet Calientes Run Daytona over 105 mph) Text and photos courtesy of Lincoln-Mercury Div, For Motor Co. Rolla Vollstedt's rear engined Offy-Powered Indy Car text and photos by Peter Sukalac w full pg color photo.  Dave Marasco's Model A Pickup Monterey CA. Joe Herbert's 380 Pontiac Powered 1963 Ranchero Tucson AZ. Yount Brothers' Dragster Marion IN. Charles Hill's C/Gasser Willys Columbia PA. Louie Wollf's deuce roadster Lincoln Park MI.  Detailed pics of Dale Grantham's Gas Turbine slingshot Dragster Phoenix AZ. Lou Lang's 1932 B/G Chevy Sedan Quakertown PA.  Bill Cushenberry's 1963 Ford Custom Astro w full pg color photo w Ellyn Kent Dearborn MI. 9 pg full technical details  w photos of Bill Thomas's Anaheim CA Cheetah by Don Francisco.
Car Safety Check by Car Club example with Chapperals Tustin CA. National Rally Championship Chrysler 300 handler Scott Harvey focuses on Valiant V8 for the Monte Carlo Rally by Bob Greene.  All-Western Motorcycle Championships Lions Drag Strip Wilmington CA. Stroker McGurk returns w Cartoons. 119 pgs, P 59-62 center section loose and edges frayed. vg $10 SOLD 10/2010

HOT ROD, April 1964, 1964 Pomona Winternationals 5574 time runs, 98k spectators over three days, nearly 50 fuel and gas dragsters 28 pics.
Chevy El Camino HRM Road Test. Winternationals Custom Auto Fair. Cragar Turbocharger kit for regular Corvair w 7 detail pics at Bell Auto Parts. Chrysler's Modern Hemi 426 c.i. hemispherical chambered V8, w 10 detail pics. NHRA's New Modified Production Class Introduction and Rules. Brow and Butkovich Drag Roadster,  Marv Ginther's '33 Bantam Street Rod Coupe.  Patti Waggin II by John Bozoff of Paramount CA.  Beattie and Hardcastle's Astra J-5 Drag Coupe. Color Cavalcade center folder. Pete Hischier's immaculate deuce Modesto CA. Harry Jackman's Ford Anglia based dragster El Cajon CA. Hank Henry's modified sportsmans Ramona CA.  Donovan 's Offy-Powered Rail Inglewood CA. Empi Sportster assembled in 6 hours 16 pics w tech data lists. FOMOCO hi-po 427 parts bolted to 352 and 390 engines. NDBA Fuel Boat Drags Carlsbard CA.  BSA Trail Bronc Bike Test. ; Stroker McGurk Cartoon; 119 pgs, very small cutouts pg 84, 91, 100 (ads and 1 unimportant little pic), cover bit weak at binding, musty smell vg+ $11

HOT ROD June 1964
Ford's New Mustang Road Test  report by Paul O'Shea. Alex Tremulis' Two-Wheeled Bonneville 289 powered Concept Streamliner by Roger Huntington. Extensive report of East African Safari in a 1964 Ford Comet driven by Ray Brock includes four color pics.
Building a dash by LeRoi Smith. How Stock is Stock? by Jack Hart Exec Director NHRA with tips on how they do it. Dial Indicator by Vern Wheelwright.  Planned Hot Rod Magazine Championship Drags June '64 at Riverside CA. Les Weber's Shark Custom N. Hollywood CA by Eric Rickman. Frank Smith's '34 Ford  roadster Oxford AL.  Martini Brothers' Topolino Gasser Galveston TX.  Bandleader Russ Graham's custom design sportscar Oswego OR. centerfold  and cover Craig Breedlove's "Spirit II" Dragster Gardena CA. Don Ray's dirt track Sportsman Ramona CA. Olds rear gears for Early Fords by LeRoi Smith. Allstate's Trail Bike from Austria by Eric Rickman.  Parts Swap Part III hop up Rocket and Chief engines by Roger Huntington. Bolt in roll bars by LeRoi Smith.  Chauvin Emmons' '23 T-Styled Street Roadster w full pg color pic Phoenix AZ.  Lee Taylor's "Hustler" Jet Boat w full pg color pic. Stroker McGurk cartoon.  123 pgs  binding a bit tattered. vg $9

HOT ROD August 1964,
Hot Rod Magazine's First Annual Hot Rod Championship Drags Riverside Raceway CA by Dick Wells  w illustrations by George Bartell. 10 Pages of Ray Brock report on Indy 500 w color centerfold pic photos of Olivio, Rickman, Medley and Brock. Art Arfons Land Speed Record car by Eric Dahlquist.  Harley Davidson Bonneville Bike by Don Francisco. Dick Rios' Twin Triumph Drag Bike Inglewood CA.
Dick Russell's Four-Barrel Dragster Long Beach CA. John Dermirdjian's restored Deuce Coupe Los Angeles CA.  Gordon Collett's Top Fuel Dragster Portsmouth OH. Ted Wingate South Pasadena CA's two '32 non radical roadsters.  Bob Dorricot and Phil Sheehan's '38 Fiat Topolino A/Altered Oakland CA.  International Car Club Association and Dodge Econability Run by Dick Wells.  Bruce McClaren's 1960 2nd place in a New Zealand 150 international race  with a  Lycoming engined special by Mike McCarthy.  Exhaust pipe tips role in horsepower by Gordon Blair.  Stroker McGurk cartoon.  Firewalls by LeRoi Smith.  Yamaha Trialmaster 80 Bike Test by Bob Greene.  Gene Winfield's Constellation '64 Ford convertible w full pg color photo. Tony Nancy's Wedge Dragster full color centerfold pic article by Bob Greene. Red Bug Kart Test by Tom Medley. 122 pgs, centerfold pgs loose, vg $10

HOT ROD, October 1964 Technical Details of  1965 Models from Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, American Motors and Pontiac by Ray Brock. Skip Huth puts a Chevy V8 into a Corvair details w pics. Eric Dahlquist's article wherein Ed Pink describes & shows how to beef up rear ends. HRM Tech Editor
Eric Dahlquist's detailed report on beefing up the 289 Mustang with Ed Iskendarian's kit as explained by Sheldon Bass.  A Look at Today's Drag Racing with Speeds Above 200 mph by Dick Wells w color action photos of Connie Kalitta,  Mike Snively, Jack Williams, Tommy Ivo, Jim Ward, Don Prudhomme, Danny Ongais and Arnold Chaves.  Ted Cooper's Pipe Dream 2nd '37 Fiat AA/A Feature Encinitas CA.  Scott Capiello's  '32 Ford Vicky Burbank CA.  Bud Dabler's and John Tidwell's C/Fuel Dragster Wichita KS.  Wilfred Rusca's A/Gasser Willys Modesto CA. Bankard and Zaiser A/Altered Feature Catonsville MD.  Q-Ball Wales of New Orleans La.  Perfectly restored 1919 Model T except for the front end w '64 Buick 300 c.i. etc. Full pg color pic Pasco WA. How "Bout That" Blown Chrysler Record Breaking "SK" hull Boat w 2 pgs color pics. Jack Lufkin's "The X" Triple-Threat Corvette w full pg color pic by LeRoi Smith. NHRA Regional Drags Fremont CA text and photos by Dick Wells.  HRM features Show Biz Custom Cars.  Minor mods to distributor, carb and front end can  hop up your stocker for the drags by Jack Hirt. Building your own fibreglas bucket seats. Harley Davidson Electra-Glide Test and report by Bob Greene. Stroker McGurk cartoon.  HRM Kart test of Cates Go Chassis by Jerry Titus. 123 pgs, vg+ $12

HOT ROD December 1964   Evaluation of new Detroit discs and adapting them to earlier models by Roger Huntington. Shelby American Dragonsnake claims NHRA A/Stock records on tour w driver Ed Terry w full page color photo of engine.  Wendell Holl's 6 month project T Roadster w 3 color photos by Eric Rickman. Dave Rudy's '32 Ford A/SR wins Best Appearing Car at National Championship w color photos.  Full Story on Fuels a layman's report by Eric Dahlquist.  NDBA National Championships w 19000 fans Perris, CA.  Bonneville Nationals Chapter 3 starting Sept 26, '64; Walt Arfons and Tom Green, Mangham and Harley-Davidson, Art Arfons, Herda-Cagle-Knappm Ermie Immerso, Els Lohn by Don Francisco. Pop Rivets.  Bud Shannon's T Roadster San Antonio TX.  Lemon Grove's Ervin Major's  modified sporstman and airfoils on the ovals.
Dave Dozier's Straight-Eight Chrysler-Powered Dragster San Jose CA.  Frank Kersh's 1934 Ford Roadster Aberdeen WA.  Jerry Brownrout's Open-Wheel McDonald's Sponsored track Racer Buffalo NY.  Paul Horning's 1932 Bantam Drag 1320 class Roadster Pasadena CA.  Stuart McCaw '32 three  window Aberdeen WA.  
International Micro Midget Championships from Bartlesville, OK  text and photos by Mervin Henderson.  Cam Timing For Street and Strip by Jack Hart 2nd in series of limited budget hop-up articles illustrated.   Ron Pellegrini and Johnny Malik's 11-teens in the 1/4  427 Mustang.  Installing a 289 Ford V8 and Cruise-O-Matic into a Volvo P1800 by Stephen Winder w detailed photos and text.  NHRA Grand Finale Drags Amarillo, TX.  Steve  LaBonge's red '29 Touring w '63 Vette engine cover car w full pg color pic Los Angeles CA.  Color pics of Snizek-Dodge AA/A Oceanside NY, Lutz-Lundberg A/G Robbinsdale MN, Roger Lindamood S/SA Birmingham MI, Ray Goodman AA/C Memphis TN, Jack Dittmers B/A Harvey IL, Davis-Ingram BB/A San Jose CA, Billy Webb AA/A Decatur GA.  Mike Dorman and Don Koopman's AA/Street Roadster w full pg color pic.  122 pgs nm $14

HOT ROD April 1966, Up on Two Wheels column on worldwide motorcyles scene by Bob Greene.  289 V8 Ranchero Road Test and Review by Eric Dahlquist Tech Editor. HRM report on behind the scenes of Motor Trends Riverside Annual 500 miler text and photos by Jim McFarland. Harry Luzader's Chevy powered deuce 5 window "classic" coupe Monroeville PA. 
Blueprinting the Buick 401/425 for Drags by Eric Dahlquist. Inside story of the Summers Brothers World Land Speed Record Streamliner by Eric Rickman. Kaehni continuous fire ignition system w pre combustion chambers as demonstrated by Chuck Miller of Economy Engine Co on Buick and Chevy V8's and a stovebolt six by Eric Rickman. Cover; Don Nicholson's Mercury Comet 1700 lb Super Funny Car, the "Eliminator"  The Revolutionary OHC Honda 450.   Auto Shop Series: Engine Bearings by Jim McFarland. Shores and Hess Anglia w blower shootin' for A/GS honors Temple City CA.  How to get better drag results with your Chevelle by Jim McFarland.  The Ultimate A/GS front and rear end steering chop top Part II by Eric Dahlquist. Ron Mitchell's '23 T detachable body pickup Dallas TX.  Hydroformed one piece bell housing for safety.  Photo Tips by Eric Rickman.  Honda's 450 Technical Masterpiece by Bob Greene Editor
 130 pgs, still has STP contest and decal in binding.  vg+ $10


HOT ROD March 1972, The Roadster: Still King 1950-1972by Tom Senter shows 6 roadsters at the 1951 Russetta at El Mirage meet and  6 from 1972.  Selection of street rod styling ideas Harry Bradley illustrated.  200 mph Street Roadster of Cotton Werksman by Tom Senter Barrington IL.
6 pg Street Roadsters Buyer's Guide.  Color photos of roadsters of Harold Olsson Lawndale CA, Jerry Cosce Sonoma CA, Don Ciriello San Leandro CA. Ray Worth Independence MO and John Gourd Walnut Creek CA.  Hot Rod's Street Roadster of the Future by A.B. Shuman illustrated by Don Lalingo and Dave Kimble. 
Lenco Budget Quick Change by John Dianna. The Kendig variable venturi carburetor by A.B. Shuman. Using Brock Racing Enterprises components Datsun 510 becames a street rod.  by Steve Kelly.  full page color photo of Leon Fitzgerald's dragster at a 'one wheel" start.  Make your own Tach for $19. Edelbrock's Torker  versus Tantula Manifolds by Steve Kelly.  Safety wiring by Steve Green. Chuck Mack's sano rail dragster Charlotte NC. Short review of Chevy Blazer by Steve Green.  West Coast Vans, do it yourself by Steve Green.  Replacing Econoline six with V8 by Tony Murphy.  Project Street Bug final article by John Dianna on making the VW engine a performer. Auto Shop Series: Connecting Rods by E.K. von Delden.  Buyer's Guide: Shifters. The '72 Chevy Vega wagon by Steve Kelly. Paston blown Dodge Demon test 1 pg review.  Latest  developments in piston industry by John Dianna.   Plymouth Duster race car project final segment, sorting it out on the strip by John Dianna. HRM honoring the best of United Drag Association.  150 pgs, vg+, $10

HOT ROD August 1972, Looking back at early '60's Southern California fuel racing by Tom Senter w photos of Lions Long Beach and San Gabriel  25 pics 4pgs.  Indy 500 won by Mark Donohue in the Penske owned Sunoco McClaren. Torqueflite Tips by John Dianna. Antique Nationals #3 Orange County (CA) International Raceway by Tom Senter 2 pgs, 7 photos.  Retracing Corvettes since '53 by Steve Kelly.  Corvette Concept cars by Don Young. The  '72  LT1 Corvette by Steve Green . Patching fibrelas bodies by Steve Kelly.  Jerry Pennington's Scorpion Vette Troy MI.  Factory parts to tune your Vette suspension by C. J. Baker. Color center section (loose) Vette pictorial: Dan Bruno's "American Screaming Eagle" '70,  Rick Hay '69 427, Jose Fernandez Encino CA, Tom Daniel's,  Weldon Wilson Tacoma WA, Sam Lombardo  Cleveland OH. 4 speed trans for '56-'62 Vettes by Michael Smith.  Custom Vette kits. Drag Strip Weather Correction charts by Steve Green. The ultimate Van Yamahauler by Steve Green. How To Build your First Engine by John Dianna.  Hang Ten Funny Car 500 at OCIR by John Fuchs 2 pgs 6 photos. Ford's 351 Engine Family in detail by C.J. Baker. Bakersfield Sand Drags by John Fuchs.  Project Rod: Power Train '33 Willys Gasser for the Road of Doug and Linda Gray. Roadster Pickup of Eddie Powell Stone Mountain GA.  Competition '39 Chevy coupe of Harvey Colson Wheaton IL.  Project Rod Part 3: Installing the Power Train by Terry Cook.  Kawasaki '72 Big Horn by Bob Greene.  Pontiac Le Mans 400 HRM staff car tested on strip. 162 pgs, cover loose w 2" tear at top, back cover creased, centerfold loose. vg, $6

HOT ROD December 1972, Editorial: Have We Gone to Far on smog Control by Fred M.H. Gregory. Looking back over 25 yrs of HRM. 
Bill Jenkins Vega's 331 c.i. from  a  327 block.  Bobby Ferro's Sandmaster Super Buggy Baja  500 winner by Steve Green w cutaway by Kenny Youngblood.  Two VW hopups; Darrell Vittone of the Race Shop and McKenzie - Arnett of Sandmaster by Steve Green w numerous detailed photos. Darrell Vittone's VW-Fiat 850 Spyder body by John Fuchs. Saga of the '29 highboy roadster of Sadd, Teague & Bentley from it's 1956 inception by Tom Senter. Dave Bowman's rear-engined Vega Kammback Funny Car color photos. Rearend Strengthening by C. J. Baker. HRM staff uses Sandblasters by Speedway Products Mansfield OH to get around Indy Nationals. Moroso's small block Chevy oil pan weighs only 3 1/4 lbs by John Dianna. Speedway Motorcycle Racing resurrected by Lynn Lovett. Great American Freedom Machine fold out color Harley Davidson ad.  Auto Shop Series; Clutches, elements and functions of three basic types by Jim McFarland. Don Kirby's hemi powered '68 Truck. '73 Performance Parts Preview. Ford 289/302 Budget Mods by C.J. Baker. Wild West Vans w dozens of paint and interior ideas including Tony Nancy's ultimate tow car. "73 NHRA rules. Edelbrock Mopar 340 Manifold by C.J. Baker.  Veldon Kropf' "Hangin' High" Harrisburg OR.  Gale and Sylvia's T Roadster OR. Aluminum Hemi Heads and 4 speed cases by C.J. Baker.  Yamaha TX750 Road Test by Dave Holeman. Using a Tap & Die set. 150 pgs, vg+, $7

HOT ROD January 1973, 25th Anniversay Issue. Editorial: Inspections, another boodoggle? Follmer dominates Times Grand Priz Riverside CA. Complete Guid to Cylinder Head Swapping Part 1 by John Fuchs.
Hopping up the 351C by C.J. Baker.  NHRA World Finals, Amarillo TX by John Fuchs.  6th Mexican 1000 by Steve Alexander w cartoons by  Dave Deal.  Our First 25 Years of Hot Rodding by Steve Kelly  Drags, Indy, Bonneville and  Street Rods. Ed Winfield, the Father of Hot Rodding by Terry Cook.  Lots of color illustrations of vehicles by Shusei Nagaoka.. Ed Iskenderian in the rod he built in high school.  25 yrs NASCA stocks by Bill France Sr. Aluminum Small Block Chevy Heads by C.J. Baker. Auto Shop Series: Suspensions by Karl Ludvigsen. What to do when running # 4334 660-cfm carbs on a Modified Production Engine by John Dianna. Evolution of a Harley - Davidson Sportster by Dave Holeman. 206 pgs, front cvr loose top corner torn out. back cvr vg-. Pg 1-2 missing, pg3 fragile at binding.  vg, $4.

HOT ROD February 1973, Editorial: Bad Laws, regulations may hobble auto enthusiasts. Supernationals Report - 5 Second Barrier Smashed by Terry Cook.  Welded Cylinder Heads by John Dianna.  Ford 390/428 Street Buildups by C.J. Baker. Angle Millings that help build a high compression Chevy engine by John Dianna. Special Section: Funny Cars, Billy Meyer Waco TX featured. The closing of Lions strip Long Beach. 6 Cylinder Hop-Ups: AMC, Chevy, Ford, Pontiac & Mopar.   Mancillas Brothers' 3 blown Model A's.  Complete Guide to Cylinder Head Swapping : Conclusion by John Fuchs.  Texas 500 Buddy Baker, A.J.Foyt, Richard Petty, 1-2-3.  Don Kirby's Custom Paint Bellflower CA.  Mopar Carb Tips by John Dianna. Auto Shop Series; Cylinder Honing.  Triumph Trophy Trail review by Dave Holeman. Benelli's Super Six-Banger Bike Motor,
 129 pg, some outer pg edges crinkley. binding and covers vg, $5

HOT ROD  March 1973,  Editorial: No fault insurance - can a good idea be killed? Luther U. Runciman Jr's car collection of "family sedan" types of late 50's, 60's.  Holley 650-cfm compared to other Holley carbs by C.J. Baker. Dee Wescott built His all glass Model A on a Volkswagon chassis Damascaus OR.  Dick Simon's four cam Ford Eagle USAC Champ car, full color pics. HRM Do It Yourself Guides:  Select right gears, make a VW flywheel holder, repair damage threads, build a workbench, buy a used car, buy a new car, select the right carb, CC your combustion chambers, insure your car, install an intake manifold, determine axle ratio, sell your car, time your ignition, install battery in trunk, degree your harmonic balancer, degree your cam, install an advance curve, adjust and bleed your brakes, use transmission alignment studs, check piston to valve clearance,  improve Delco distributor.  Pro Stock spot brakes in kit form. Harry Lehman's "American Way" top fuel streamliner.  Mickey Thompson and Butch Maas build Pontiac funny car. Story of Truppi-Kling Competition engines Greenbrook NJ.  Hemi Heads for the Rat Motor by C.J. Baker. Bolt ons make Chevy's 454 Stepside pickup even more appealing by Ray Casner.  Scat Cams for the VW bug by John Dianna.  Mini Blowers by Roots by John Dianna.  Resurrecting a dead flathead engine by Tom Senter. Autoshop series: Front Ends.  Honda Trials 125 by Tony Murphy.  149 pgs, vg, $6

HOT ROD April 19.
Smokey's 489-HP Small-Block Street Chevy Part 1 by Smokey Yunick. HRM's John Dianna article "Engine Building Tips" illustrated step by step. Bumper car party post Winternationals at Magic Mountain Valencia CA by Terry Cook. Super Bee II A/Street roadster of  Francis Crider.   Hornet Hatchbacks 401 c.i. and 360 c.i. run 6000 mile Cannonball Baker by John Fuchs testing radar detectors. Boris Murray La Verne CA motorcylist profile.  Red Hot Brand X Mustang  funny car of Sien and Lankford. Kawasaki's 900cc Z1 Four ultimate super bike by John Fuchs. Timing Drives, chains, etc by Deryl K. Denman. Chevy II's at Chicago's McCormick Place show.  Full color pics of .5.91 Express of Don Moody Tulsa OK  also of Mike Snively's Top Fuel Dragster. AutoShop Series; How to Do basic Bodywork by Steve Alexander. How to Pick Your First Carby C.J. Baker.  MOPAR Electronic Ignition Swap from Chrysler by John Fuchs. Build your own traction bars by Ray Casner.  Overbalancing an Engine by John Dianna. AHRA Winter Nationals by John Fuchs. Tom Biles stock height '34 three window of Western NY. Jerry Killberg's Highboy Racine WI. Anthony Martinez Model A San Leandro CA. Pete Van Iderstine '32 roadster. Billy Pries pristine '49 Ford coupe Kearney NJ.  '27 T roadster of Jon Wright Grafton OH.  Don Bryant's '34 coupe St. Joseph MI. Bob Boward's 1915 T. Full color pic of Jake Johnson's funny car start line fire Tulsa OK.  Tubing and fittings by C.J. Baker.  Graf and Geisler Fuel Altered color photos San Fernando Valley CA.  Nitrous Oxide Injection by John Fuchs.  Mike McCloskey and Greg Jordan's Econorail dragster.   169 pgs, back cvr vg-, overall vg+ $6

HOT ROD May 1973, How An Engine Works John Fuchs. How To Install Air Shocks by John Fuchs.  '73
NHRA Winternationals over three weekends due to rain by Steve Alexander.  50 Fun Vehicles You can Buy by Terry Cook.  Nickey Chevrolet's 430-hp L-88 Nova by C.J. Baker. Oakland Roadster Show by Tom Senter. HRM engine swapping issues index. Parnelli Racer 1000 hp Offy By C.J. Baker.  Lujan Brothers Lycoming engined dragster Salinas CA.   Daytona 500 by Joe Whitlock. Smokey's 498 HP Street Chevy Part 2 by Smokey Yunick.   Pro Stocks look like 1966 Funny Cars by John Dianna. Sonny Bryant's big block Pro Stock Camaro by John Dianna. Dick Landy's '73 Dodge Sport Pro Stock. From Canada Barrie Poole's Pro Stock Pinto.  Chrysler's D-5 Hemi Head by John Dianna. Barry Setzer's Pro Stock Vega w full pg color photo. (Tongue in Cheek) Pollution Free Engine concepts; The Frink, The AHA, Huckstop Moto-Magicon. Basic Math for Head Milling by John Fuchs. Zundapp Enduro by Tony Murphy. Gary Collins 3 window '32 Stockton CA. Auto Shop: How To Prep Your Car for Paint by Steve Alexander.  179 pgs, pg 95-97 missing. vg- $4.00

HOT ROD June 1973. Firebird Tran Am & Pantera by Ghia reviews by C.J. Baker and John Fuchs.  Quickie Hop-up for the Firebird by C.J. Baker. Junior Johnson's farm based NASCAR operation Rhonda NC.  Daytona 200 Motorcycle Classic by John Fuchs w full pg color photo of Jarno Saarinen riding. '73 Gator Nationals.  Herm Petersen's Top Fuel Eliminator winner w photos. IECO Vega hopup engine components by Ray Casner.
Do It Yourself 16-page Special Street/Bracket Racer section; installing gauges, make an isolator plate, changing a clutch, make a cold manifold, installing new valve springs, break in your new or rebuilt engine, get your car to the strip tow bar, blocking off your radiator, adjustable header science, exhaust uncorking device,  anti-belt thrower, air density meters w jet area conversion chart, modify your tunnel ram, curing overheating, belt and harness installation. racing alignment, windage tray, moving inner fender panels, measuring rear panels for slicks, cutting water pump power losses, tire to tire air hose, piston ring preparation. Buddy Miles on his Harley trike. First Annual Mint 400 Mudmobile Rally by Steve Alexander.
Shop Series: Painting your Car. Dave Boertman pro super stock racer by John Dianna. Scratch-Build Your Own Rod Body by Terry Cook. Dodge, Chevrolet and Ford Van Conversions by John Fuchs. 17th Annual  Portland Roadster Show by John Diann.  Bakersfield Fuel and Gas Championships by Ray Casner.  Alex Silva's  Bel Air lowrider '52 L.A. Norton 850 Interstate by Dave Holman. How An Engine Works Part 1 by John Fuchs. 169 pgs, vg, $6.50

HOT ROD July 1973. Glamorous Life  of  the Snake and the Goose by Cory Farley w color pics of their funny cars.  383 Mopar Hop-Up by C.J. Baker.  T.C Christenson's Norton Double by John Fuchs.  How An Engine Works Part 2 fuel and electrical systems by John Fuchs.
Hydraulic Cam Buyers Guide for the Street by Ray Casner with charts per make.  Yankee Pete Hamilton goes south and drives for Richard Petty by Jim Hunter
Photo of Ray Stulz dragster exploding on line at Bakersfield.  350
Chevy in Frank Murray's Opel GT.  Hydraulic clutches by Ray Casner. Lisa Costanza into the 1/2 Midget wars. 14 Vettes pictured and profiled.  Vette Powertrain Guide. Mid Motor Vette of Joel Kowalski, Muskegon MI by Jon Fuchs. 4 pages w photos and stories of reader's Vettes. Vette Goodies: Endura Bumper Swap, Radial Tires, Body Mounts. Customizing Kits  and some hot tips from Chevy.  Custom Vettes. Shop Series: Engine Air Flow. Understanding Braided Lines and Fittings. Malcolm Smith tests Yamaha MXers. Breakerless Ignition Conversion.  163 pgs, centerfold pgs 85-88 tattered edges and loose, vg, $6.50

HOT ROD September 1973. What Really Happened at Indy '73 Part 2 by Ted West.
Smokey Builds a 600 hp Big Block for the Street by Smokey Yunick. Edward Aranda Jr's Low rider Vega L.A. Brent Taylor's V8 Vega Rolling Hills CA.  GM 350 TurboHydro Hop-Up by To McGonegal.  8th Annual Western States Corvette Council Convention Tucson AZ.  National Nomad Club Convention Reno NV.  TRW Space Saver bearings enable Chevy Crank swapping by Ray Casner. Reworked Chevy Small Block by C.J. Baker. X-Rated Bill Jenkins Pinup Spread,  Toyota Corolla SR/5 by Cory Farley. Jim DeFrank and Any Cohen Van Nuys CA pics of their cars. Project Opel 1900 Part 2 by Ray Casner performance and cosmetic improvements. Carburetor Hop-Up Buyer's Guide by C. J. Baker. Kansas City's World of Wheels car show.  How An Engine Works; Cooling, Oiling, Starting and other than V8 forms of Engine by John Fuchs. The '74's; Matador X, Javelin AMX, Hornet Hatchback, Gremlin X, Road Runner, Cuda, Dart Sport, Royal Sportsman Van, Mustang II, Gran Torino Brougham, Cougar XR-7. Springnationals '73 Columbus OH. The Parnelli Jones Dust to Dust Baja 500. Autoshop Series: Hydraulic Systems by John Libertus. David Pearson and Wood Brothers by Joe Whitlock. Chopper Pictorial by Howard Koby. OSSA SDR Spanish Built 2 stroke by Bob Greene. Humorosly captioned photos by Ron Lewis.  155 pgs, centerfold pgs loose. vg $5

HOT ROD October 1973, Do It Yourself Van Interior by Roy Casner.  First Annual West Coast Street Rod Mini Nationals Lodi CA. GM's '74 models by Cory Farley. The How To Guide to Rearends: SetUp, Select, Heat Treat, Lubricate. Fred Badberg's A/Street Roadster. Karting Lives by John Pashdag. Superbowl of Motocross at L.A. Memorial Coliseum by John Fuchs. Summernationals Englishtown NJ. B Altered Fiat of Clark & Parker color photo. 
How-To Section: Make Your Car Handle, Radial Tires, Proper Pinion Angle and H.D.Joints, Anti-Sway bars, Koni Shocks, Traction Devices, Stopping Shimmy. Reference Guide to How To HRM issues.  Foyt takes Pocono 500 miler.  International Drag Racing Championships Santa Pod Raceway north of London UK. HRM Muffler Comparison Test by John Fuchs. Pikes Peak Hill Climb by Steve Alexander w color pic of Roger Mears's VW powered buggy on the Hill. How An Engine Works looks at 2 stroke and diesel. Ernie Parra Colton CA's hot '62 VW. Modern Braking Systems by John Libertus. Rokon first auto trans motorcycle by Tony Murphy. front cvr torn and loose, rear cvr missing. 168 pgs, otherwise vg+  $4.50
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